Buttermilk Kitchen – Great food, awesome service

When you enter Buttermilk Kitchen the first thing that will catch your attention is the sign it reads “Breakfast all day!”. This place will give you a homely feeling. This beautifully decorated place will make you want to come back over and over again.

Susie Rachele, the General Manager of Buttermilk Kitchen, believes in providing the best hospitality services to people. According to Susie, Buttermilk Kitchen is not only an excellent choice for delicious food but it is also a place where one will feel right at home. Here one will find healthy food created from homemade ingredients. Buttermilk Kitchen lives up to its name, it has been created with a mission of not letting anything go to waste. The Executive Chef and the Founder, Suzanne Vizethann, check every now and then whether the staffs are following the strict orders or not. Being the General Manager Susie believes in maintaining the highest standard as well.

Known for its first-class treatment, Buttermilk Kitchen maintains a personal touch with everyone who hops in. Quite often, Chef Suzanne goes from table to table for a personal chat and to thank you for dropping down.

A lot more than just overseeing the services offered depends on Susie Rachele. She is an extremely talented person. From developing the policies and the procedures of Buttermilk Kitchen to creating the training manuals Susie is involved in everything. She is in the continuous look out for the personal development of the Restaurant team.Her work does not stop there, every now and then she comes up with a unique social media campaign.

It is always a pleasure for anyone to go to Buttermilk Kitchen. One can expect some groovy events at restaurant. While talking about Buttermilk Kitchen, their signature dish Chicken Biscuit is worth a mention. An amazing dish made from fried chicken breast on a biscuit. BK wins heart with their innovative dishes.

According to customers , Buttermilk Kitchen has got more to offer than just Chicken Biscuit, The pancakes deserves a special mention. The thick, fluffy perfectly round cakes beautifully melts in the mouth.

Susie Rachele, makes sure that every customer who visits Buttermilk Kitchen gets great food, welcoming atmosphere and world class service. According to Susie, a customer will come back if he/she had a memorable experience at the restaurant.

While running a hospitality service one should always remember :

  • A negative feedback from any customer can damage the reputation of the hospitality outlet entirely
  • A hospitality outlet must deliver as promised for repeat business and more referrals
  • Winning over customer loyalty is the most difficult. One needs to go the extra mile to provide more items where possible, it never fails to impress
  • Smiling and talking to the customers helps them to get involved more and more. This gives a personal touch and a certain bonding gets created

With Susie’s guidance Buttermilk Kitchen has mastered the art of keeping each customer happy. They believe in smiling faces. Not only the hospitality service is something to learn from the restaurant but also how they are utilizing things and making food from homemade healthy stuffs is also something to learn. You have to visit Buttermilk Kitchen to get the best possible service in the industry.



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