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Bright Cakes to add colour to dull days

Whether you are having a bad day or your loved ones are going through a tough time, the sight and smell of a beautiful and decadent cake magically erase the midweek blues and reenergize anybody in a jiffy. So, here are our top pick of beautiful bright cakes that can lift your spirits. What more? You can order cake online in Jaipur at reasonable prices.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake is a classic and for good reasons. The cake is an inviting rich red colour which you obviously cannot ignore and also makes for a great romantic gift if your love is down for some unfortunate reason. The deceptive colour of the cake gives you quite a surprise when you bite into it and the rich flavours of chocolate welcomes your palette. You can find this beauty at various prices, shapes, and sizes which will fit your budget and preference easily.

  1. Mango Mousse Cake

The catchy bright yellow colour of the cake is the first thing that will catch your eye, and then you will be welcomed with the sweet fragrance of fresh mangoes as soon as you unbox this beauty. The mouse cake is flavoured with the tropical summer fruit which definitely packs a punch. As you might have guess from the name of the cake, the cake is covered in a smooth, creamy and airy mango mousse, which coats every your palette with the taste and flavour of fresh, juicy mangoes.

  1. Gems and KitKat cake

This cake is a favourite of both young and old who grew up loving the crunch and taste of gems and KitKat. The sweet, moist and flavoursome chocolate cake is lines with the chocolaty and crispy KitKat wafers on its boundaries. Then, the centre is filled with the bright little spheres of crunchy gems, which not only amp up the chocolate flavour but also add a burst of happy colour. This cake not only shots away your sadness within a second but also looks great sitting on your dinner table at a party of event.

  1. Five Star Pineapple cake

Sure, a tall glass of chilled pinacolada at an exotic beach is a perfect quick fix for all your distress. But if you are on a budget and want to enjoy the juicy, fruity flavours of the pineapple without waking up with a hangover the next day then, the five star pineapple cake is your best bet. The moist, decadent cake is flavoured with the punchy sweet and sour flavour of the tropical fruits. So, just one or two slices of this cake out of the fridge can completely refresh you. The bright yellow cake is decorated with little chocolate decorations which taste as good as they look.

  1. Blueberry Cheesecake

The blueberry cheesecake encapsulates the exotic flavours of the blueberries too perfection. This dessert is perfect for the ones who do not enjoy the taste of the sugary sweet desserts that are so common these days. On top of the beautiful lilac colour of the cake, the creamy texture of the cream is delectable and comforting after a bad day.


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