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Bio-sensing tools in detecting pregnancy


Software and the technology are driving the 21st century world. They are connected with each other and one development is benefitted by the other. The field of biology won’t be an exception to this prowess. In today’s world biology does not only stick out with the work with different chemicals and samples in the lab. Technology is also used in this field. Biosensors are the perfect example of this. We should know what are biosensors? These are instruments that work on the biological principle. That is they work on the basis of the chemical changes that occurs in the natural as well as in the diseased condition in the body. And the main function of the biosensors is to detect those changes that is happening and convert the biological properties of the analyte that is used to electrical signals. The instrument mainly consist of electrical circuit with the help of which the human beings using it get to know the indications they are making. The biological samples cause the excitation of these electrical circuit with which they indicate the ongoing phenomena. This instrument has found its wide approach upon it discovery. We can find the usage of this biosensors in the healthcare industry, food industry, medicinal industry and many more. And the users also found it very effective because of its immediate response.

Pregnancy and the biosensors

To have a family and to maintain a family is very big responsibility that should be taken by the human beings. A baby is very best thing that can ever happen to family but its arrival should also be properly timed as to take care of a baby means to take a lot of responsibility. Thus to have a baby is by far the most important decision that is taken by the father and a mother. These biosensors also find their way in the detection of the pregnancy. They are used mainly to confirm the pregnancy condition. Previously strips are used those are marked with the monoclonal antibodies in regard to the HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin. This particular chemical is the main indicator of pregnancy, which appears in the urine of the blood after the fertilization. It is mainly found in the blood or urine at about 12 days of the fertilization. However, nowadays using the same principle biologists and the engineers has designed electronic pregnancy test tool kits. Upon few drops of urine they give the result by a simple marking that whether the lady is pregnant or not.


It has been found that the result given by this method is very much efficient. It also takes minimum hassle and also minimum time for giving the result. And a couple sitting in their will be able to know whether she is pregnant or not.

Quality control

The mechanism of its manufacturing undergoes many processes and also a lot of quality control as well.

Biology as an innovation

The pregnancy test tools are widely found in the market is very reasonable price. This is mainly possible because of the advancement in the biotechnology using immunology as a tool for innovation.


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