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Beware of Carmen de Sousa and John Diak

During the ongoing fraud scheme that was being perpetrated against MX Properties, there was another fraud happening that involved a lawyer from Lisbon by the name of Carmen de Sousa.

Carmen de Sousa was first introduced to MX Properties through an outside consultant known as John Diak. Mr. Diak had been involved in several different projects that required MX Properties to participate in bank to bank trading through the securing of various financial instruments. The collective investment in these endeavors amounted to approximately one million dollars. It was during this time that MX Properties began to suspect that something was amiss as expected funding did not commence, even though additional funds were being solicited by Mr. Diak.

Additional conversations occurred between John and representatives of MX Properties and in late 2016, it appeared that funds would be released that would allow MX Properties to begin to profit from their initial investments. However, in order to begin the disbursement of these funds, they would have to comply with the terms of a demand letter sent by Carmen de Sousa, a lawyer in Lisbon Portugal.

While MX Properties was initially suspect of the demand for payment, they eventually did agree to pay the $11,000 in fees that was being required in order to release project funding. However, it became readily apparent that the payment of fees represented fraud in the inducement prepared by Carmen de Sousa and that project funding would not be distributed as expected.

Carmen de Sousa is a practicing lawyer in Lisbon, Portugal. It is because of her legal status that MX Properties agreed to pay the $11,000 in fees being requested. The demand letter clearly indicated that upon payment of the fees that project funding would commence immediately. The authenticity of the letter and a follow up letter that acknowledges the receipt of the funds as well as providing additional details regarding the disbursement of project funding that led MX Properties to make the payment as well as have faith that the transactions would finally commence as outlined by John and Carmen. Unfortunately, it did not and now MX Properties is out an additional $11,000 in addition to the $1 Million in funds originally invested in various projects.

MX Properties has taken the necessary steps to attempt to not only recover the initial funds invested in Mr. Diak’s original projects, but is also seeking a return of the $11,000 in fees that was paid to Carmen de Sousa. They have attempted to contact Ms. De Sousa’s office on numerous occasions over the past few months without any success. At this point, MX Properties is asking that Ms. De Sousa comply with the terms of the demand letter/inducement that was provided to MX Properties and release project funding. Otherwise, a full refund of the fraudulently obtained fees is expected.

Carmen de Sousa is a lawyer in Lisbon Portugal that should be avoided at all costs. Read more about MX Properties’ experience with here here.


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