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Best Websites to Download Free Movie Wallpapers

Some movies create a powerful impact on our minds and we carry them even after exiting the cinema theatres. We listen to their soundtracks and we may want to read more about them. Many young audiences would love to have the wallpapers of their favourite movies on their smartphone home screens and desktops. Wallpaper on the smartphone is just like a wall poster hanging in our rooms. Wallpapers remind us of our favourite characters in the movie and inspire us. There are thousands of free movie wallpaper websites on the internet. We’ve figured out some of the best websites to download free movie wallpapers in HD and retina display resolutions. Also do checkout for free movie site.


Zedge is a website where you can find lots of interesting free movie wallpapers and ringtones. It’s extremely easy to search for your favourite wallpapers on Zedge. Just click on the thumbnail of the wallpaper you want to download and click on the download icon. It takes a second to download the wallpaper on your computer or smartphone. The user interface of this website is super clean and you’ll love downloading the wallpapers from this website. Many wallpapers are uploaded by the users. So, there will be lots of new content uploaded on it every day.

Wallpapers Craft

You can find the wallpapers for all the old and new movies on this website. Just like Zedge, it is super fast and extremely easy to search. The user interface is intuitive and it just takes a minute to search for your favourite movie wallpapers. You can find lots of high-resolution wallpapers for desktops, smartphones, tablets, HDTVs on this website. The advertisements on this website are minimal and thankfully there are no popups. If you are searching for the wallpapers of newly released movies, you must try searching for them on this website. For more wallpapers also check for top torrent sites.

Wallpaper Site

Wallpaper Site hosts the high definition wallpapers of all the popular movies. If you are a graphic designer or someone who loves creating wallpapers, you can upload them on to this website. It will be available for the users to download soon. It loads up very fast and extremely comfortable to browse through all the wallpapers. It’s not just specifically meant for free movie wallpapers. You can find wallpapers for different categories like anime, celebrities, nature, games etc. They have got wallpapers in all the popular resolutions. You can find tons of wallpapers for all kinds of screens like Macbooks, iMacs, Windows, Android smartphones, iPhones, HDTVs etc.

Wallpapers Wide

Right from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter, you can find all the exciting wallpapers on this simple website. Though it looks plain and simple at the first glance, you’ll be surprised to see the amount of the wallpaper content on this website. There are just a few advertisements on this website. So, there will be no annoying popups and advertisements while you are searching for the wallpapers. Just enter your favorite movie into the search box and it fetches out all the available wallpapers. The best thing is you can filter out the wallpapers by resolution and aspect ratio to find the suitable wallpaper for your screen size.

Wallpaper websites are prone to malware and viruses. Download them only from the authentic and popular sources. We recommend you to download the free movie wallpapers from the above websites. Beware of viruses when you are downloading the wallpapers from the unknown websites. Let us know if you know any other good website for downloading free movie wallpapers. We’ll add it to this list if we find it resourceful.



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