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Best Vaporizer Temperatures

Vaporizing when compared to smoking is quite a bit more of a scientific ordeal for many. It’s true that modern technology and natural human ingenuity has birthed some pretty simple, little gadgets called vape pens to simply vape away without an ounce of effort or thought, but when using some more intense devices that allow you to set your own temperature, it may seem that vaporizing can be pretty calculated. What’s the difference between temperatures, why would anybody care about the exact temperature they heat their sticky icky to? The importance of questions like these ranges from absolutely insignificant to world changing between individuals and that’s for a few reasons.

360 degrees Fahrenheit is the approximate minimum temperature you need to heat cannabis flowers to in order to turn cannabinoids into vapor, but what exactly is the best vaporizer temperature to use? Below 360 won’t even not yield vapor, it just would only yield vapor from terpenes and no cannabinoids. That means if you simply like the act and flavors of vaporizing, you can avoid getting high by setting the temperature to about 355, particularly to get through a rough work day that demands all your cognitive abilities. For a lot of people, just the routine and taste is enough to uplift their mood and spirit, and ease away anxiety. In this case, control over your temperature can be a wonderful blessing. At higher temperatures, you get more out of the plant. 360 degrees is about where THC begins to vaporize, and the higher you go, the more accompanying cannabinoids there will be in your vapor, as well as other more heat resistant terpenes. For people that use cannabis exclusively as medicine, this is essential. It allows them to conduct trial and error tests with various strains at various temperature points to achieve the optimal relief from whatever symptoms they may suffer from.

It’s unknown to science exactly all the ways how different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes affect their results in people, but everybody is different and the ideal medicinal qualities can only be brought to full potential in some patients from diligent experimentation with different temperatures. There is no best vaporizer temperature, just a best temperature for you that’s up to you to find!


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