Best service providers for virtual phone number

People, who have started own business, must have virtual phone number. Virtual phone number will save your money which you will spend on calling facility for your employees and customers. Such employees and customers will be related to your business. This virtual phone number will be free and will be active in areas where network is not available. Now, top business owners are looking for service providers that from where they can buy virtual phone number.

Some of best virtual phone number service providers are available in the market. We have also provided a list here so that you can get idea about best service provider.

AT & T Synapse

AT & T Synapse business phone systems works only for small or very small business like where only 100 users use this facility. You cannot integrate this phone system with your computer system and no CRM facility is provided but auto attendant facility is available. This system has two year warranty which is better than other model.

Vonage business solutions

A Vonage business solution is small business phone system on a reasonable rate for your business. Maximum number of users connect with this phone system are 100. This business phone system works only with internet connection. If internet connection goes down, you will not able to receive calls.

Nextiva office enterprise

Nextiva offers three different levels for phone system. Each offers local phone number and toll number and you can make unlimited phone calls. Silent monitoring is also providing here so that you can listen live calls without disturbing anyone. All calls are automatically recorded for later review which is unique feature of this phone system.

Cisco business edition 600

Cisco business edition 600 has all advanced features that a business phone system must have. This is suitable for up to 1000 employees. You have options like softphones, DECT phones and IP phones and may choose according to your business need. This phone system has advanced feature like customization for hold music, hold messaging, voicemail and instant messaging and auto attendant.

Toshiba Strata CIX

Toshiba Strata CIX phone system has capability and fealties for expansion. Best collaboration and marketing tools of this system are best for interaction of employees and customers. This business phone system has plan from 40 users to 1000 users. Using this system, you can also record hold calls or messages which is effective marketing tool. One of the drawback of this phone system is that is does not support live chat.


ESI phone system provides range of powerful tools that enhance your customer interaction. Live call recording is the standout feature of this phone system. Another feature is caller ID that will be stored in your data base next 25 days.


Wide variety options are available in FortiVoice business phone system and which includes network choice and user privileges. 400 users use this phone system at once. For extra flexibility, you may also integrate this with your computer. By default, instant messaging feature is not present in this phone system. You can get it by additional cost. Video messages, voicemails and unified messaging features are part of this.

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