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Beach Volley Ball Basics Which You Must Know

Beach volleyball is same as that of indoor style volleyball. There are two teams on every side of the net. These teams comprise of 2 or more players. A huge difference between beach volleyball and regular volleyball is the setting.

Beach volleyball is played on a beach. This creates a huge difference in the clothes you wear when you play. People play beach volleyball in their shorts, tank tops etc and they love playing volleyball in this attire. It is quite surprising that in beach volleyball, players do not wear athletic or tennis shoes. They wear nothing on their feet.

One needs to have shoes when playing on the hard pavement or the surface of the court. The court in beach volleyball is smaller than indoor volleyball where the court is 8×8 meters on every side. Beach volleyball is softer in comparison to the indoor volleyball. One can cross beneath the net in order to strike the ball. The block counts to a great degree as the first and foremost contact of the ball.

The players are not needed to change or rotate positions at the time of the play. The standard for double hitting when moving overhead is supposed to be strict in comparison to the indoor volleyball rules. There are some differences in indoor and beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball history

Beach volleyball started on the Santa Monica beaches in California in the year 1920. In the 1930s, the people on the beaches of Europe also play beach volleyball. It was in 1940s, that the actual tournament play started and the tournaments were held in the area of Southern California for awards and trophies.

The 1996 Olympics made beach volleyball a great Olympic sport. USA is a great force in beach volleyball and Australia and Brazil have powerful teams also. The best tournament in beach volleyball is the Manhattan Beach open and it is an original tournament.

The sport is the best loved sport. Beach Volleyball is very famous and a great following of enthusiasts who visit the beaches where volleyball is played as an activity. Beach volleyball is played on sand courts and has a team which consists of 2 players instead of 6 players. It has got similar set of rules as a normal volleyball game. There are some exceptions like court measurement that is indoor volleyball has a 9 by 9 court and beach volleyball has 8 by 8 court.

One major aspect of beach volleyball is that every team exhibits their ability to win the game by making use of hand signals. The players give a signal to their partners behind their back to tell which kind of strategy they wish to have. This is actually done so that the opponents cannot see the play signals. One has to keep some rules in mind when playing Niagara Beach Volleyball.

Facilities at Niagara Beach Volleyball

There is an exciting 12 week summer season at Niagara Beach Volleyball and this season is between May to August. Various equipment and facilities are provided to the players. The players can also enjoy the post game festivities. There is also a splendid indoor volleyball league. There is a twenty hour winter season from October to April. There are also post game festivities which will enthrall you.


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