Basement Sports Bar

A Sports bar is the perfect place to enjoy a big game; nothing beats the excitement of enjoying a game in the company of other sports fan. Amazingly, you can catch all this excitement from the comfort of your home by simply renovating your basement. AGM Basements can help create a space great for entertaining and game day parties. Using your basement as a sports bar not only offers you convenience and entertainment but also the freedom to watch any sporting event of your choice. Discover useful tips to help you transform your basement into a pleasurable sports bar.


You should keep the walls simple and neat. Use deep colors such as hunter green rather than neutral ones since they can easily blend with the natural wood present in many basements. You can also use wood paneling on the walls if you are gunning for a more natural and attractive look.

The floor for your home sports bar should be sturdy and easy to clean. You can use tiles or hardwood if you desire a conventional look. However, be sure to put an extra coat of vanish on the wood to enable it withstand spills. If you prefer to retain your concrete floor instead, you should give it an upgrade; consider painting and covering it with a waterproof sealant for a more distinct finish.

this is the most important part of the renovation, the furniture is what distinguishes your old basement as a sports bar. The bar which is the most important piece of furniture comes in different design and style. These styles range from the unsophisticated and old-fashioned wood bar, to the classy and modern glass top bar.

A conventional sports bar is purely made of wood, which is stained and sealed to prevent damage from spills. There is also very little decoration on the bar asides the carving. The bar stools which usually have a small back for more stability are typically made of pure wood or come with a wooden base combined with leather seats.

Make sure you have a wide collection of drinks to suit your different guests.  You should also consider investing in a refrigerator if you don’t have one already, so you can enjoy and serve cold beer whenever you wish.

Wow your guests

A popular decorative element in bars that you should also consider essential is the stained glass pendant that hangs above the bar top. In addition to its decorative purposes it also supplies light to the bar. In the spirit of sports, you should opt for a light that is designed with the logo and colors of your favourite team. You don’t have to end there, other items in your bar like glasses and bar taps should also come with a design of your favourite team too. You should also display sports mementos if you have any available to give your bar a truly sporty feel.

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