Attributes That You Require Developing To Kick-Start as a Sports Writer

Driven by her heartfelt passion for sports, razor-sharp creative ideas and attitude to excel as a writer, Emily Muhleman has been acknowledged among the most promising sports journalists in the United Stated, in the recent times. Born and brought up in Maryland, she initiated her writing career as an educational feature writer and subsequently, started focusing on writing sports related news, general news, poems and short stories in continuation of her high schooling. She also liked watching different sports in Washington with a great intention to narrate helpful sports contents for young sports enthusiasts as well, focusing on the upcoming young athletes to help them get enhanced exposure and motivation.

For all aspirants’ interested to make a journalist career in the vast world of sports, Emily like to convey that making an impact in the society as a prolific and reliable sports writer, is hard but not difficult. By developing certain special skills and attitudes in them they can surely earn good popularity in the field. She emphasizes on three major areas

Thorough understanding about Sports Business

Significantly, sports writers should have in-depth perception of how varieties of sports have an approach towards business that makes them seasoned and thorough in their given assignments.  Unlike seeing a sports with the viewpoint of a sports fan, when it comes to journalism, you should consider a series of factors such as marketing, public relation, communication, sales, legal obligations as well as finance that are closely linked with professional news reporting.

Research Skills

Instead of listening to gossip or collecting sensational news, always think of collecting real facts and figures that brings actuality in your compositions and makes it appealing to readers. Keep in mind that the topics your write must not be speculative or based on developing theories, but undergo needful research, proof read and modify the subjects before it leaves for your editor or press.

Know Your Sports Fans

Every sports journalist writes for a specific audience.  This may include sports lovers of particular game, common audience as well, exclusively for sports professionals. Your content, blog or news-article should be interesting to its readers. With this, you can earn more popularity, no matter whether you write for a newspaper, sports magazine or sports book. Remember, most sports lovers have their favorite broadcasters, columnists, or blog writer and they never forget to follow topics written by them.

The Maryland based sports writer Emily Muhleman has now been undergoing her Bachelor’s of Arts with specialization in communication, and English a Minor. Among her top favorite sports team and players, to name a few are Sammy Baugh and Sean Taylor of Washington Redskins, Ben Olsen as well, Bill Hamid of D.C. United and also, Wall and Bradley Beal belong to the Washington Wizards,

Despite being a graphics designer, she pursued for an excelling writing world. When out of her busy writing career or involved in deep researches or proof reading her blogs, one can find her playing Frisbee at the nearby park with his loved ones or walking on the streets or playground with her pet dog. She likes spending her time listening to music, reading varieties of books and connecting with friends and likeminded in social media sites. She aims to emerge as one of the prominent sports journalists of the era.

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