Art Galleries Are Places That Advocate You in Bringing Home the Great Art Pieces

Many people often make confusion among an art museum and art gallery by considering them having the same objective. Nonetheless, there is a difference. Despite the fact that both are adoring places for art enthusiasts to visit and view different art works, however, art galleries also operate with a profit making approach. Thus, whereas a gallery refers to an establishment that exhibits and also offers the opportunity to visitors to buy those art pieces; a museum boasts the art and cultural history of a community by displaying classic paintings, sculptures, zoological and geological item and other antique artifacts by storing them through the ages. It can also be said that while an art museum is basically a non-profit establishment and commonly governed by the public enterprises, an art gallery is a place which is open for you to experience great art pieces; and being an art lover, one can also collect them for showcasing their homes.

Based in New York, Mark Borghi Fine Art, founded by Mark Borghi in 1988, is one of the most celebrated Fine Art galleries in the US, that display a widespread collection of great work of arts created by legendary European artists from Post-War American era, contemporary age and modern arts. A few among those noteworthy artists include Christopher Wool, Andy Warhol, Larry Poons or Jackson Mitchell and so on. Subsequently, in 2004, with a view to present a summer outpost of the gallery, he introduced its second model in Bridgehampton, while the third one was opened for people in Palm Springs, Florida in the year2011. In its vast collections, you can also find the worldly famous classic paintings of Hans Hofmann, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Prince apart from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Willem de Konning that makes them among the top cherished art galleries to world art lovers.

Thus, being a passionate of artistic paintings, acrylic portraits, ink drawings or great wooden and stone carvings, by visiting a gallery, you can also buy your desired ones and include them in your anthology. The art galleries organize varieties of exhibitions throughout the year while art works of one or more artists are displayed there. Unlike art museums, aside from exhibiting art works, the galleries also run with a commercial intention. On the other hand, an art gallery is also intended to promote the great works of different artists. As people come to know about their art works, these are also sold with some margin. As said above, galleries are privately held and operated by individuals or establishes with profit earning approach.

Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery located in New York, Bridgehampton and Palm Springs organize series of exhibitions across of year featuring the work of legendary arts of Jean Michel Basquiat, Christopher Wool, Richard Prince and other distinguished painters and artists of the era. In addition, it also exhibitions the great contemporary and modern art of America, The New York School, Abstract Expressionism of Hans Hofmann’s paintings and recent works of Yves Klein and Andy Warhol. Hundreds of thousands of painting lovers and art enthusiasts visit these great galleries of Mark Borghi from all across the United States and other countries to view; experience and bring home their loveable art pieces.

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