Arizer Extreme Q Vape: Economical Way to Quality Vaping

If you ever wished to purchase a vaporizer, which will offer you great flavors through bag options, whip, and glass parts then look no further than the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. It is an enhanced rendition in the world of vaporizers, which will take the delight of vape users to a new level of ecstasy. Coming with digital readouts and remote control, the cost of this vaporizer from Arizer is less in comparison to other brands. Moreover, you can use it as a potpourri warmer, steamer, or as an oil diffuser. No doubt, it is going to be a worthy purchase as you are getting a 60 day trial period only at To the Cloud Vapor Store.

It is simple and easy to use, thanks to the mode of delivery. The bag and whip functions are easy to unboxed. Heating it up is sufficient That is it. Now you are ready to delve enjoy some quality vapors at a price that is amazing.  Its getup makes it the perfect vaporizer for small social gatherings. Being a lightweight product, you can move it quickly.

Accessories provided are:

  • An adapter, a glass end with a whip
  • Cyclone bowls
  • Connection bags of high quality, O rings, and glass end pieces for facilitating connections
  • Connection bags are provided with a 3-inch mini whip
  • A lithium battery of 3 volts and a remote control
  • Power adapter 110-220 volt
  • A dish for Aromatherapy
  • A stirrer made of glass
  • 2 extra end pieces made of glass
  • Replacement screens 1 package

Arizer Extreme Q Vape is ideally meant for those who wish to enjoy vaping at home. Although you cannot fit it into your pocket, you can quickly move it around from one room to another. If you wish to whip the herbs while watching television and take it to the kitchen in a while, then it can be quickly done. Inevitably, you can invite some of your friends with the quality of vapor that is served.

The Extreme Q is competitively priced at $200 and giving tough time to other vaporizers of its kind that is present in the market. One cannot provide a fig to the value promise of Arizer and its attention to detail. If you are not a stereotypical hardliner person who goes by convention, then the Arizer will give you a good return on investment.

We need to set realistic expectations, and the Arizer Extreme Q will not be a viable choice if you are looking for a killer physical design and top-shelf vapor production. However, it stands out concerning versatility, and all around strong performance at a price that is affordable for the quality it offers.

One may feel that the Extreme Q’s black plastic housing and stainless steel look may not make it ideal to display in a living room. As far, the quality of built materials is concerned, it is good, but it will not be apt to compare with the materials used in premium desktop vaporizers such as the Volcano.

It comes with some exquisite new features that are rare. For instance, a fan inside allowing you to fill up the balloons with vapors of your choice. You have to manually set the attachment at the top of the heating element. It eliminates the risk of herb contents dripping into one side. Thanks to its cotton swab. It has got a special open-top attachment, which you can fill with your favorite scented herbs. Finally, it acts as the potpourri warmer for aromatics. It is offering a three-year coverage warranty on any defects.

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