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Are Vent-Free Bespoke Fireplaces Safe?

Vent-free bespoke fireplaceshave been steadily gaining popularity and for good reason. Aside from being more affordable, ease of installation and efficiency in delivering heat have always been good selling points.

But like any good product out in the market, it does not come without some bad reputation along the way. But is the bad image justified or is it just unfounded rumour?

Let’s take a look.

How Vent-Free Units Work

The basic operation of a vent free fireplace is pretty easy to understand. Burning gas instead of wood produces heat without the smoke and ashes.

This is all good, but what about the other harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide that are produced when burning gas? All these have the potential to leak into the home and cause all kinds of trouble for the homeowner.

Before you start judging the product, be aware that choosing the correct size of a vent-free fireplace that is appropriate for your needs will ensure that you won’t have any problems with harmful gases in your home. By choosing the correct fireplacesize, usage of the product will be well within all manufacturers’ rated tolerances and should not give you any trouble.

What About Product Failure?

Subsequent problems with vent-free bespoke fireplaces have nothing to do with the product itself but rather with the way it was chosen, installed and used. Actual product failure constitutes only a small percentage of the overall picture.

Choosing to go with an installer or a contractor who has experience with this particular product is a big plus. These people have the product know-how that is important since you are assured of a problem-free installation plus you have guaranteed workmanship. This assures you of trouble-free operation down the line.

Correct Sizing Matters

Using a vent-free unit that is inappropriately sized for your space forces you to use the product beyond its rated capacity. Once you do this, the dangers of product failure are multiplied exponentially, and you are putting yourself and the ones close to you at unimaginable risks.

Using it beyond its limits also puts everyone at risk of exposure to harmful gases for longer periods  of time than that is deemed safe by governing agencies.

Summing up

So if you are asking, are vent-free bespoke fireplaces safe or not? Then the answer is a resounding yes, provided you follow the manufacturer’s recommended usage and safety guidelines. Hiring a professional installer or contractor increases this safety factor even more.


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