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Appetizers to pair with your drinks!

In a party holding a drink, you often wonder which appetizer would bring the best taste of your drink and actually compliment it? Well, a lot of times we pick up a drink and eat just about any appetizer that comes up, but the result is a bad combination in the mouth which totally ruins the finer taste of the cocktail.

Through the journey into your own party where you are the one who decides the appetizers! Won’t it be great to bring something on the plate which compliments the drinks and brings out the finer tones of the drink better? Well, each drink has its special pair food which brings the best taste of it and compliments it really nice.

Here are some of the appetizers to pair with your drinks!

1.White wine and white meat

This is like an erstwhile rule which seems to be followed by a larger section of people who know about the right appetizers. The white wine pairs deliciously well with the white meat, seafood or even shrimps to bring out an ecstatic taste that lies incomparable. The sheer burst of flavours and the delicate feel makes this combination one of a kind.

2.Cheese balls or cheese plate with red wine

Nothing brings out the taste of red wine as good as some cheese does. As the delicate flavour of cheese blends perfectly well with the red wine finish, the combination also brings in a subtle change in the experience of wine that makes you relish its flavour more. Red wine is mostly also paired with red meat, salmon and more but it is always the cheese on the menu which excites the experience. You can choose to add in some fruits to bring in a top-notch flavourful experience.

3.Salty appetizers with your Champagne

Champagne is bound to be a celebration of fizz, pops and a subtle taste to blends in your mouth with a sense of jiggle. What works best for champagne pairing is a salted popcorn with sesame, some salted and roasted potatoes, Greek-style tomatoes or even the cheese salty sticks which makes the taste of the champagne balanced and ready for another glass. One cannot deny that salt does calm down the strong champagnes and brings in a calmness to the tongue to devour the flavour well.

4.Your tequila and gourmet appetizers

Be it tequila shots or a mix of drink if there is something that compliments the drink then it has to be the meatballs and artichoke dips. You can go from anything between dates, bacon, spiced bruschetta or even the warm hummus with pita bread – all of them make for a great pair with the drink to bring in exquisite experience that you had been looking for.

5.Whiskey and fried fries

Of course, whiskey has to be one of the most lovable drinks of all time. Be it a formal party, a friend get together or an all-nighter gang meet all you would need is a few pegs of whiskey to unwind that is. You can pair up your favourite drink with a lot of buttery bread mix, or the fried fries that are made of cheese, veggies or even potato to best go with your drink. As whiskey blends well with a little spicy and cheesy fries the best item to go for is definitely the cheese or potato fries which are available at  affordable and cheap!

6.Martini and canapés

Martinis have that amazing flavour which can best be brought when you bring in a subtle bread taste to it. The canapés and bread slices topped with a little of garnishing from herbs and cheese works wonders. Anything olive too brings out the magical taste of Martini easily. And thus, it is extremely easy to pair your Martini with canapés which bring out the best of all. Try this combination for once and you will be on a journey of taste to never return.

7.Mojitos with bakes crisps

Mojitos are a little sweet and a little salty and so if there is anything which can break the taste of the drink and make your relish it to the utmost then it has to be the baked crisps in a slightly spicy avatar. You cannot go wrong with jalapenos, spiced cheese sticks, garlic bread and more. The Mojito pairs really well with stuffed jalapenos as they bring in subtle spicy flavour with a lot of tanginess that offers the drink a zing!

8.Pizzas and drinks

How can we forget the pizzas which seem to be the perfect pairing for most of the drinks today! Pizzas are great partners to your red wine, whiskey, vodka drinks, gourmet drinks, rum and even to the classic LIIT making it an erstwhile pick when you aren’t able to sort your menu well. You can definitely go for the pizza at Pizza Hut with extra discount code available at Dealvoucherz. Get your pizza with extra  cheese, extra jalapenos or the kind of twist you require to play with the cocktail taste anytime. It’s money saving too!

Pairing the appetizers right with your drink brings out a subtle taste in the mouth that makes you enjoy both well.


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