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An NFL Player With Motivating Zeal!

Spectators around the world simply enjoy the National Football League (NFL) and the players who participate in the matches. Many of these ardent viewers regard these participants are iconic role models. However, people who follow the interviews these players give in the visual media will not fail to notice that almost all of them come from ordinary families but have a burning desire to turn their dreams into reality by playing for respective teams in NFL games. Some of these players even go the extent of leaving their mark on the sport.

Meet a prominent and passionate NLF icon!

Duval Love is a former Offensive Linesman, who has participated in NFL games for the eleven years. He is a graduate from The University of California, Los Angeles and currently plays for The Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals in addition to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also has the honor of having his name in the Pro Bowl. He says that he loves to participate in the sport and enjoys every moment of it even since he began idolizing the NFL as a boy. He was previously an ardent supporter of The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. While he was never a supporter of The Los Angeles Rams as a child, his passion to play for the team grew as he become older.

The performance of the linesmen in almost all the NFL matches and the way they play was a catalyst increasing his attraction towards the Cowboys especially his popular icons. These were Harvey Martin, Randy White along with Pat Donovan. From the moment he began participating in the sport, he was always enthusiastic about of linesmen and considers Dwight Stevenson, as one of his all-time favorite players. As a child, he would measure his height to make sure he was reaching above six feet since he was under the impression that such a height would give him the opportunity to play in the professional league matches.

Mr. Love says that he is fortunate to have supportive parents and says that his father has been an enormous influence in his life. He goes on to say that thanks to his father, he has been able to accomplish his life’s dream. When describes his father, he say that his dad did not have an opportunity to study. He had to complete his education after passing the 6th grade and was originally from the Southern part of the country. His parents had been married for forty-five years and brought him up through the best and worst of times. He loves his parents very much and they have stood by his side whenever he needed them. In fact, he considers his father more of an elder brother rather than a dad. Moreover, his father has never let him down and till date has been a role model to him.

Duval Love says that it is possible for a person to become an NFL player as long as he is willing to work hard and concentrate on his physical fitness. He is very passionate about playing the sport and strives to be a positive role model for his fans.


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