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An Insight Into Corporate Badges And Their Uses

Is it necessary or rather important to use badges with the company name? There can be a big debate on it with some going for it and some against. For corporate businesses, it might prove to be wise to give their employees company tags with their photos and names on it for identification purposes. It may be argued that this is becoming more or less redundant and it is not popular with the people. But it you see big organisations and specially banks are strict about this requirement and all levels of employees from the grass root level until the highest up in the organisation are seen wearing the badges.

What are the positive impact of badges as part of a corporate culture and environment?

It can be said that they give you a sense of belongingness to the company where one works and it has been proven that once belongingness is created a person’s efforts are sincerer and dedicated.

Pros of having badges for the workers: –

  • A brand identity is created. Whether you have clients visiting you or you have to go to a client’s office, they immediately recognise you from a particular organisation because of the badge. Apart from client’s office, you usually wear it while on your way to work and on your way back home. The company’s name is advertised unknowingly but for the good of the organisation.
  • It might to an extent prevent trespass by third parties into the company premises. Corporates who have the rule of badges are very strict about the employees wearing it during working hours and while in the company building. Probably the employees would not be allowed to enter nor exit if they are not adhering to the rule of wearing the company identification.
  • One of the most important advantages is that it becomes easy for one employee to address the other employee by having a look at the badge. The awkwardness; in case you forget the name; is minimised. Not only employees, even when a particular person meets someone for official purpose the others can identify him or her by the tag.
  • It is of utmost advantage to have badges for corporate events. The company people are distinguished from others and it is easy to identify. It gives them the opportunity to walk around in the place where the event is carried out as they are identifiable with the company they work for. Else security is very tight in such events and every time you would have to introduce yourself.

Badges can be replicated so it is important to get high quality customized badges:

  • Badges can be easily replicated. Fraudsters might use it not to enter the company areas but elsewhere outside thereby giving the impression to people that they work for this particular company when in reality they do not.
  • Some people say that they might intrude into their lives by tracking them or because of face recognition. But companies realise and respect an employee’s life after work and do not indulge in such activities. The world has become very professional now.

As such there are no cons of having badges for a business. They don’t want to be made to do this but they should realise that it is for the security of the company and to identify you as an employee of that company. One thing to consider and to be kept on mind is that once these tags are no more in use they must be shredded rather than just binned.


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