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All about Lung cancer treatment

Lung cancer tends to emerge where one of the cells of the lungs goes on to develop some form of abnormality. In fact these abnormal cells go on to form a tumour and spread to other parts of the body when it is not controlled. The division of a lung occurs where the right portion has three lobes and the left one has a couple of them.

The stages of lung cancer

In terms of stages of lung cancer the size is figured out and whether it has gone on to spread beyond the original site is determined. If the doctor are aware of the extent of the disease they can go on to detect the form of treatment as well. As far as stage 1 is concerned, it points to being localized and small. In stage 2 and 3 it is a more of a case where it has gone to spread to other structures. Stage 4 is a scenario where the cancer has gone on to take over the entire body.

In case of small cell stage lung cancer it could be further divided into a couple of stages

  • Limited disease- the spread of the cancer is found only in one lung or in the fluid around the lungs that in medical terms is known as plural effusion
  • Extensive disease- this is a clear indication that the cancer has spread to the exteriors of the lungs to the chest or other parts of the body

In this type of lung cancer it spreads outside very quickly. Even if the doctor does not come across the fact that the cancer is there with the aid of scans, the chances are that some of them would have broken away and transferred on to the blood stream. In fact on the safer side they are being treated in such a manner that it has not spread whether the stage of secondary cancer is seen or left.

Benefits along with risks of lung cancer

Most of the people are scared as far as lung cancer treatment is concerned because of the numerous side effects. Though side effects are common, but all of them could be controlled with medications. As far as the side effects are concerned it tends to depend upon one individual to another along with the stage you find the answer at.

In terms of risks it would mean damage to the surrounding tissues around the region of the lungs. The main risks are posed by anaesthesia along with surgery. In fact the surgeon is going to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery. Some of the major risks include infection, inflammation along with blood clots.

Why India

As far as lung cancer treatment in India is concerned, the quality along with the cost tilts the balanced towards India. Most of the hospitals in this part of the world do go on to provide state of the art infrastructure facilities that could be compared to the best in the world as well.


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