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All About Airsoft Spring Guns

About Airsoft Spring Guns

The airsoft guns are usually available in two types such as plastic and metal versions. These types of guns are used in closer quarter’s battles CQB. Also, it can be used for any other kind of airsoft battles as a secondary weapon. The airsoft pistols require being cocked after every shot by pulling the slide of the gun to back. These guns are basically spring powered. This doesn’t mean that they are weak or underpowered. Even some type of airsoft spring guns can shoot up to 400 feet for a second.

Most of the Airsoft bb guns UK are spring powered. These types of guns are most useful for powerful and effective to clear out a room. The airsoft spring guns are not suitable for outdoor plays. This is because they do not hold accuracy in case of a long distance. The reason for this is these type of guns has a wide shot pattern. These guns can shoot up to 3 to 6 BBs in a single shot at a rate of speed. One of the drawbacks of these guns is it requires the user to cock every time after the shot. This seems to be inconvenient for the user.

In general most of the Airsoft spinner rifles UK are spring guns. The spring guns do not need automatic electric. This type of guns contains a lever which can be pulled up and back to chamber the next round. The main advantage of these airsoft guns is they are available for cheaper rates. Users can get these guns in both plastic and metal models with high-end units. Among the airsoft spring guns, the spinner rifles are longer than all other guns and have better accuracy.

Varieties of airsoft spring guns

If you are going to use an airsoft spring gun then you should be ready to cock the slide every time after using it. These guns are designed in a manner that it looks like a real gun. These single shot guns can propel the pellets at a rate of 400 fps. The airsoft spring guns come in various varieties such as

  • Shotguns
  • Pistols
  • And rifles

The quality of these airsoft spring guns depends on the manufacturers and the inner parts that are used in these guns. One should have to buy these guns from a legal airsoft retailer. Also, before going to use this gun one should clear about how to use this gun. This will avoid problems while using the gun.


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