Alan Naul: The Person behind the Success of the Javelin Group

As the residential investment property market becomes ferocious, many investors are beginning to recognize commercial property as a feasible investment option. Before investing into the commercial property it is important to understand what basically the commercial property is. The word commercial property or commercial real estate refers to land or building intended to generate a profit, either from rental income or capital gain.

Alan Naul Javelin Group is one such company that is associated with the commercial real estate ventures in the hospitality and senior assisted living industry. Alan Naul, the founder of the company says that commercial real estate comes with a sequence of chances these days; chiefly the investments that can provide higher revenues than investments accounts or even the marketplaces. Real estate is indeed a more safe investment choice than many presently out there. Even when associated to the unsettled residential real estate market the commercial real estate market is doing pretty fine.

If you are planning to invest in commercial properties you first need to understand that the two markets are fairly diverse. The market is different owing to the alterations in regulations that guide purchasing and vending in the commercial one. For example due diligence in commercial is not the same than that in the residential market and so is the tax system. But then, certain things remain the same; for instance, the need to conduct surveying and due diligence.

Alan Naul Javelin Group is primarily into Senior Care Real Estate which includes assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, and memory care. The company’s investment viewpoint is to associate with greatest operators who try to enlarge their topographical footmark or strategic system. This experience has improved Javelin’s essential capabilities in the recognition of best operators, growth of an extensive proprietary database of progressive real estate metrics, greater site selection policies, circumnavigating thought-provoking privilege and regulatory procedures, and a widespread association network of investors, operators, lenders, and expert service providers.

The company is also into Hospitality Real Estate to make growths and create strategic savings in varied use healthcare and lifestyle oriented regions. The leaders of javelin Group have been included in numerous repositioning programs and hotel investment and have profound relations with brand companies and operators. Headquartered in Texas, the United States the company has been able to grow drastically in the recent years owing to the contribution of Mr. Alan Naul and his team members.

Prior working with The Javelin Group, Alan Naul has served The Hampstead Group as a managing director. He has completed his education from Southern Methodist University. In the spare hours, Alan loves to enjoy hike and snow ski. Moreover, he loves travelling and to gratify his thirst of traveling, he has toured all through California and Europe. He is a keen supporter of local sports, as he passionately follows Dallas Cowboys football as well as Dallas Mavericks basketball.

Therefore, it can be said that Alan Naul is the person behind the success of the Javelin Group.

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