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Affenpinscher – A Cute Dog With A Monkey Face

What breed of dog has a monkey face?  It’s the Affenpinscher – a small breed of dog from Germany. Due to its monkey-like resemblancealong with its naughty behaviour, the name has been translated to monkey terrier. In fact, the monkey–like attributes are a very significant feature as claimed by the American Kennel Club.

So are you now considering having a monkey as your pet, I mean a dog with a face of a monkey? Well, that would be cute! Let’s take a closer look on Affenpinscher.

The origin of Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers were originally bred to guard farms and homes against rats. At present, they are now a great option as a companion pet.  Affenpinschers originated from France and Germany way back in 1960. As it has been said earlier, they were primarily used to help farm and home owners to get rid of rats.   As it has been bred to achieve smaller size of dog breeds, it has been used as an indoor companion.  The present day, a smaller Affenpinscher is believed to be a descendant of the miniature Schnauzer, ratting terrier breeds and the German pinscher.  In spite of the small size of Affenpinscher, it does not affect its ability in hunting.

Overall appearance

Affenpinscher is a small breed of dog with different texture and length. As it grows older, the coat gets shorter with wiry features in its bodies.In order to accentuate the monkey appearance of these breeds of dogs, they are groomed by short clipping of the hair on their ears.  Affenpinschers usually have dark lips and eyes. As of their colours, it includes black-and-tan, gray and red. In general, Affenpinscher has a shaggy appearance with a next to small boned dog look.


Affenpinschers are known for their intelligence.  You can notice this sense of intelligence when they make their own entertainment when they are left alone. Aside from that, they have also a playful nature without requiring too many exercises. These monkey-like breeds of dogs manifest loyalty to their owner but they may also inhibit stubbornness at times. Since they are independent and with impish nature, they need to be trained when they are still puppies.  Affenpinschers do not show fear against threats.  This behaviour might put them in trouble if they are not subjected to proper training. A professional and trusted St Ives vet like Gordon Vet Hospital can help you in setting up unique trainings.

Expectation from Affenpinschers

Aside from the monkey face, these breeds of dogs are known t for their intelligence and its ability to figure things out.   Affenpinschers are capable of understanding the expectation of their masters especially during training. The face is not only the feature that gives it the distinction of monkey dogs. It also manifests several behaviours of monkeys such as climbing, walking using the hind legs and tossing things into the air.  As such, trainer can make use of these distinctive behaviours to introduce tricks and agility courses.

With the characteristics of Affenpinschers, one thing is for sure. Whether they are on the lap of their owners, on their agilitycourses, or having a good show inside the ring, these money-face dogs will amaze people with their high spirited nature andtheirfriendly disposition.

If you are planning to take care acute Affenpinschers, you can get started by talking to a licensed North Ryde vet like Gordon Vet Hospital.


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