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Augmented reality is all about digital information that integrates the user’s environment in the real time. Augmented reality uses the existing user environment and then overlays new information on the top of it. And no wonder augmented reality is retail sector has gone far in helping the companies advertise their product in a better window. Today, Augmented reality is helping in the retail merchandising process in a more efficient and affordable way.

Augmented reality in retail industry is packed with products, and it helps to avoid the difficulty as well as reducing the cost to make big changes in display and layout. Otherwise, it would have been difficult without being able to visualize how it is going to turn out before getting the real outcomes.

Augment used the best technology that helps you boost your retail business in consumer packaged goods as well as display designs. Bigger brands like Coca Cola, Loreal Palace and so on, are now integrating augmented reality into their services.

Coca-Cola Germany’s sales representatives have the advantage to access their full catalogue of augmented reality coolers offline through their tablet or smartphone at anytime. This gives it added advantage to simulate 3D cooler configurations on-site with their clients. It can also help in processing quick decisions about product placement.

The sales representatives can also take photos of their simulations, which they can later be attached to the right account in Salesforce, to share with their clients. L’Oréal Professional has equipped its European sales team with Augment Reality.

They have used it to show how hair salon owners, display stands for hair care products in a much realistic way. Its sales representatives have the capability to choose a 3D model of their merchandise using their augmented app.

Their life size products can be simulated using their augmented app. Today, the customers are becoming more attracted to the traditional marketing methods. More retailers are now taking advantage of the visual dynamics of the augmented reality in retail industry by turning into augmented reality solutions.

 People move towards products that attract their eyes towards them. ZARA, the clothing brand known to adopt newest trends at the earliest, is launching its augmented reality works.

It has worked well to discover and launch a good collection of works on its shopping windows, delivery boxes and also on the online store using augmented reality. The incorporation of augmented reality in retail industry for better shopping experiences has already started in many parts of Asia where retailers are largely moving forward in adopting this trend.

With so many online retail stores out there vying for competition, now it is time to stand out. And this, new technologies tend to be the best option for attracting customers towards your brand. The world is now realizing how augmented reality has started revolutionizing the retail industry and helping large e-commerce industries for feeding the information to customers in the best way.

Augmented Reality in retail sector is all set to make its presence felt in a more significant way and it is the time that retail industry leverage on this. It will now boost the confidence of the retailers and guide them in exercising their brick and mortar store experience by overlapping a digital layer to the real-world.


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