Addiction Rehab: The War on Opioid Drugs

Addiction rehab for opioid addicts is a challenging and pressing issue in Canada today. The sedated and euphoric effects that opioid narcotics provide make this illegal prescription drug even harder to stop. An opioid is a derivative chemical and an illegal medication just like heroin and cocaine. However, it is also prescribed as a pain reliever which makes it an addictive type of medication. With the increasing number of opioid addicts and the growing reports of opioid-related crimes and accidents, the Canadian government is even more aggressive in its addiction rehab efforts against opioid narcotics.

Get Opioid Addiction Rehab Now

Opioid addiction is a pressing problem and may result in more fatalities when not promptly and properly addressed. Dependence on this drug could physically and psychologically affect the individual and addicts find it quite hard to stop the habit once they are in too deep. Thus, the only solution to the problem is to find help from an addiction rehab center right away.

When is it time to get assistance?

Addiction therapists are quite consistent in saying that the sooner you get treatment, the better the results. Don’t wait until you or a loved one hit rock bottom before getting the professional help you need. Family members have assistance when necessary especially with addiction rehab centers that offer intervention. Once you have seen some dramatic changes in the personality and behavior of the individual, it is high time to raise the red flags and seek help as soon as possible.

What are the indicators of opioid addiction?

There are signs and symptoms that would directly point to addiction and overuse of opioid drugs. Addiction rehab is a necessity if you are grappling with opioid abuse and dependence. Here are some of the indicators:

  • Overuse of painkilling medications
  • Doctor shopping or getting frequent prescription from your physician or going to other physicians to acquire multiple prescriptions
  • Spending money, effort, and time to obtain your much-needed opioid narcotics
  • Feeling depressed, physiologically sick, and irritable if you miss taking your opioid drugs
  • Buying or stealing painkillers that are not even prescribed to you

Opioid Addiction Treatments that Work

There are different opioid rehabilitation programs available today, depending on the addiction rehab facility you choose. Some rehab facilities have their own medical detox centers while government-funded facilities have separate centers for the detox phase. Other services may include counseling services, holistic treatment approach such as yoga, meditation, music, and art therapy, and aftercare services. The type of treatment you receive will entirely depend on the result of your initial comprehensive assessment which only professional and licensed addiction therapists and physicians can conduct. Choose an established and trusted rehab facility for the best treatment that works.

The pressing and the harrowing problem of opioid addiction are too much to ignore and just brush off. Addiction rehab is the best solution to the problem especially if you are not capable of stopping your addiction on your own. The good news is that numerous rehab centers are now available.

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