Add Lively Flames to Your Modern Place: Ethanol Fireplaces

Fireplaces offer warm and pacifying atmosphere to every space. A fireplace lets the people around it to rest and makes them feel safe. Simultaneously, it can change the look of a space in a big way. These days, fireplaces have become a vital part of almost every house to give comfort in winter seasons.

Ethanol is also known by what they are ‘ethyl alcohol’ or ‘grain liquor.’ Ethanol used in fireplaces is de-natured liquor which is the inconsumable ethanol, formed with the addition of certain substances, thereby creating it safe, eco-friendly, non-polluting and odourless.

Ethanol fireplaces are burnt off using this denatured liquor. These convenient fireplaces can be kept anywhere at the house as no fireplace is required. Hence, there is no need of creating a fireplace and there is no hassle of fireplaces getting obstructed. These are easy to use and maintain as there are no used records, ashes, etc., to be washed and there is no concern with sparks dropping out of the fireplace.

Ethanol fireplaces look extremely fashionable. With their attractive and smooth looks, they add to the beauty of any space creating it look more stylish and delightful like never before. Plus, they add a new sizing to internal planning and create emphasis in any space. It is a smoking free and ventless fireplace that can be easily printed with any internal planning.

You can place an ethanol fireplace anywhere be it on rug, house, near the couches, patio and even in the garden. It can be shifted to any location in the house or apartment.

Ethanol fireplaces are available as table top designs, attached to the walls designs or free standing designs. The Magnum Wall Mounted Fireplace, for example, can be held on any non-combustible walls by simply using the surrounded increasing segment. Voila!

Ethanol is also the ideal way to turn your present wood-burning or gas fireplace into an Eco-friendly fireplace. By using a bioethanol fireplace place or fireplace grate, you make your fireplace more secure.

Did you know that according to the EPA smoking from wood-burning fireplaces generates a combination of gas and particles? These pollutants, like sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, Co and possibly dangerous substances such as polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons, benzene, substances and dioxins have been known to cause cancer and other continuous medical concerns like COPD.

Ethanol fireplaces are designed paying attention to the health, ecological and decorative factors. Simultaneously, these fireplaces are very cost-effective. Due to their numerous features and advantages, these are becoming quite anger and are perfect for every house. Few things should be noted while keeping an ethanol fireplace. No item should be placed on the fireplace when it is working. Only bioethanol fluid energy should be used for ethanol fireplace.

So, if you’re looking to integrate real fire into your house, but don’t want the hassle of expensive setup and maintenance, an ethanol fireplace might just be your answer! Eco-friendly and classy, these fireplaces not only improve the visual of your space but your impact on the surroundings and your health!

Summary: As ethanol generates a clean burn when used in a fireplace, no fireplace, flue or special air flow is necessary.

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