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A Comprehensive Guide to Party Planning

If you are organising a wedding, an event or simply a party, there is always going to be loads of preparation work to do, and depending on the size of your event, your planning may need to start some time before the day itself. Being organised is the key to making things a success, so you need to work out some basics before you go anywhere.

Date and Venue

Choosing the date for a party can always be a little problematic, as people tend to have very full social calendars. If you have people whom it is super important to have attending, make sure you check their schedule to see if they are going to be free on your planned date. Your party is going to flop, if the guest of honour happens to be away overseas on a business trip, so being flexible about the when is important. The location is also important. Is the place big enough for the type of event you are planning, and think about transportation, getting to and from the venue, especially if it is a little off the beaten track?

Invitations and Theme

Once your time and place are sorted, it is time to think about the occasion and if your party is going to have a theme. While a party for Grandma’s birthday may be fairly straightforward, for other occasions a theme, such as fancy dress may be appropriate. Sit down, write out your guest list and then get the invitations out, in plenty of time, with any instructions on what to bring or wear.

Party Decorations

There are marvellous decorations available, with a range perfect for every occasion. Banners saying Happy Birthday, or Happy Wedding Anniversary, whatever the occasion is, are always a good choice, as are hanging decorations, bunting, balloons and flowers. Kids will tend to prefer the balloons, while the older folk will be more inclined to enjoy the flowers, so think about yourshopping appropriate to those who will attend. Party shops across the country will be able to provide everything you could wish for, regardless of if you are looking for bulk flowers in Birmingham, or a three meter high banner saying “Welcome Home.”

Food and Drinks

Party food generally equates to snack food, or finger food, though of course your options are pretty much limitless. While sausage rolls, some Vol au vents and sandwiches might work well, something more sophisticated may be in order for a higher society bash, or if you are really trying to impress. It is important to let guests know, especially adult guests, what the drink policy is going to be. Failing to mention it is a bring-your-own drink party can be disastrous, especially if you are not close to somewhere selling wine, beer and spirits. For the kids it is slightly easier, though advisable to avoid too much sugar content, or they will soon be climbing the walls.

A quick Internet search will find party shops in your area and it is often worth chatting with the staff about your party for ideas and inspiration. They are bound to have all you need to make your party a resounding success.


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