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A Bounty Lifestyle: Have Access to more Cash using Your Assets!

Don’t let money limit yourself from achieving what you deserve in life. If you are a businessman, financial specialist, insightful buyer, or simply an individual who needs the flexibility to get money on fast notice, Overdraft Facility Malaysia is perfect for you.

Overdraft facility is pretty much like credit cards, though you can draw not just how much you have in your account, but as much cash as you want, up to the limit being set. It can be secured if you have collateral or assets pledged. And in OCBC, you can secure an overdraft with your assets like fixed deposits, property, structured investments, unit trusts, single-premium insurance policies, and shares.

If ever that the bank, where you established your loan, halts your fixed credit facility and you are unable to pay your debts, the certain bank has the power to pitch your vowed assets to recover all the amount of money you borrowed.  And on the off chance the costs of your assets are still not enough to cover your debts, then you are as yet subject to the loan distinction. Fair enough bargain with tons of benefits.

Overdraft facility has an affirmed credit confine. Once it has been approved, reserves and funds are accessible whenever without any additional need for another approval. It is a variable with no restriction on residency and the credit constraint is monitored and inspected by the bank every year. And the cost of interests is of greater amount than the mortgage loans, but it is only charged depending on the utilized amount. And when it comes to the repayment, there is no settled date for it. You can reimburse whenever and in any amount you want. But be as it may, charges will be set to the unpaid and excess balances. An overdraft facility isn’t liable to any installments and has no monthly payments as long as the sum utilized is inside the limit. But if ever you exceed the limit, you have to repay the sum instantly or the bank can stop the overdraft facility and expect for your full payment within the given time. In any case, it is repayable on request by the bank whenever. You just have to be responsible and follow the terms and conditions that you have agreed upon.

Furthermore,  joint borrowers are permitted in Overdraft facility. All of you – no matter how many are your applicant(s), are similarly subjected to the installment obligation regardless of whether it is you or the other applicant who utilized the facility. And the bank can recoup the excess from all the record holders, fractional sums from each holder, or the aggregate sum from any record holder.

So if you are a responsible person and can follow certain terms of the agreed contract, you can see the light and attain the benefits of the overdraft facility. Nothing will be a problem if you know to control and be within the limits. Thus, grab the opportunity knocking on your door and spare yourself from the financial stress and live life comfortable with overdraft facility Malaysia.


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