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8 Top Reasons To Buy Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Are you inspired by the stunning looks of Ghost MV1 vaporizer? Don’t know the details? Well, not to worry! Today? We will give you a brief insight into the Ghost MV1 vaporizer and tell you about the major reasons for its popularity. Let’s check out!

The vaporizer comes with an eye-catching design and instant heat up system. As soon as you put the herbs, you are ready to enjoy some of the best vapes. Talking about the flavors, you will experience some of the best vapes. The device features a true convection heating system which does not burn the herbs. No matter which temperature you choose, you are going to best tasty vapors. Not just that, the device cools downs the vapors to provide you with a relaxing vaping session.

Extracts too

Do you know Ghost MV1 works effortlessly with the extracts too? So, the flavor-trains does not end at the herbs but can help to vaporize extracts too. You get a stainless steel mesh pad and an extra crucible. All you need to do is to hold down the heat button and start drawing slowly. MV1 will produce a steady stream of light vapor which will further provide you with the extract’s natural taste and strong flavor.

Instant heat up time for flexibility

The best part of using this device is it’s extremely portable. No matter how and where you want to enjoy your vaping session, you can do that with Ghost MV1 vaporizer. If you enjoy having a single draw here and there, then MV1 will let you enjoy the herbs in just 10-15 seconds. The instant heat-up system will let you enjoy the herbs anywhere.

Doesn’t that sound impressive?

Micro-dosing with on-demand

There are many people out there who believe in doing micro-dosing, and Ghost MV1 allow you to do so. You can enjoy less than 0.05 grams of herbs with the instant on/off features. Leaving the herbs between the hits will minimize the risk and keep the vaporizer ready for the next session. The MV1 works great when it’s fully-loaded, and you can easily get between 5-12 hits in a single crucible.

Flexible and powerful Bluetooth app

Just like any other high-end vaporizer, Ghost MV1 also features the smartphone app. The app allows you to do custom temperature settings. So, no matter which temperature you wish to enjoy the vape, you can easily do that with MV1. Not just that, the device also allows you to control unwanted users. Isn’t it a cool feature?

Medical grade materials

Ghost MV1 proudly boasts the materials used, and why not? The device is made of MV1’s air path, glass mouthpiece, mouthpiece sleeve, and other tiny fittings to be used in the vaporizer. All the materials used in these parts are of medical grade quality. Sp, you don’t have to worry about having flavorless and getting infiltrating vapor.

Adjustable airflow

Most of the vaporizers in the market have a set airflow which is often hard to change. With Ghost MV1, you can adjust the resistance as per your likings. You can open the airflow and push it back to restrict it, which is a great feature in a vaporizer.

Swappable battery pack

All the vape lovers must be knowing, swappable batteries a pure bliss! Yes, I’m bout kidding! The device features two batteries which let you enjoy the extended sessions. You get a Micro USB cord which lets you enjoy the vaping session. Once fully charge you can enjoy 50-60 draws. The number may differ depending on the temperature settings. The additional battery pack allows you to enjoy the vape-on-the-go.

Actually useful accessories

Now, there are a few accessories that can help to enhance your vaping experience. The device comes with crucible holder which lets you pre-hold the herbs and let you enjoy vaping on the go. You also get extra batteries which further enhances your vaping sessions. All In all, the device will leave you spellbound with its power-packed features. If you are planning to buy Ghost MV1 for sale then you can choose a reputed site like – To The Cloud Vapor Store. Shop now and enhance your vaping experience.


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