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8 things to delete before you sell your iPhone

Looking to let go of your iPhone? Are you changing it for a newer model? – Hang on, before you proceed, read this article carefully. Make sure all your data is deleted. We have compiled a checklist for you that will ensure the privacy of your data.

Simon Dyer from SwiftContractPhones.com  has a very useful tip for Android devices so Android users reading this, please pay attention,

He tells us that before you should encrypt the phone before resetting factory settings. He reveals: “Go into the Settings menu and tap on “Security,” Be careful as the wording may be slightly different for different phones. If your device is encrypted already, it will tell you. There are some Android phones that allow content on SD cards to be encrypted. However, by default most devices just encrypt on-board storage. Once you have made sure your device is encrypted, you can restore it to the factory default.”

Here is the all-important checklist.

  1. Back up your iPhone.
  2. Remove photos from Camera Roll. Connect the device to your computer and open Image Capture or iPhoto. Select all photos and then click Import All. In iPhoto, select “delete photos from your iPhone” after you have imported. In Image Capture, if the “Delete Items After Downloading” option no longer appears, try this: turn off “Photos” in iCloud on your Mac and iPhone, then restart both devices, and you should see the delete button.
  3. Turn iMessage off. Open the Settings app > Messages > iMessage > switch to off.
  4. Turn FaceTime off. Open the Settings app > FaceTime > switch to off.
  5. Disable your iCloud account. Open the Settings app > iCloud > tap “Sign Out.”
  6. Log out of Apple ID. Open the Settings app >App and iTunes Stores > tap Apple ID and sign out.
  7. Restore to factory settings. Open the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  8. Unregister your device at supportprofile.apple.com.
  9. Call your carrier and ask them to disassociate the device from your account.

A vital tip! Whatever you do, don’t physically erase contacts, photograph streams, logbooks, or updates while signed into your iCloud account. This will likewise erase the substance from the iCloud servers and your iCloud-associated gadgets (like your iPad or portable workstation).

Another critical tip! On the off chance that your telephone unintentionally comes up short on battery amid the “reestablish to production line settings” step, utilize iTunes to delete information. Associate the gadget to your PC, then reestablish the reinforcement. Interface your telephone to control, go to Settings application > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings once more.

Alright, however genuinely, this is the last vital tip! You can eradicate your gadget remotely. On the off chance that you set up Find My iPhone, sign into icloud.com/#find, then tap on All Devices and select the telephone you need to delete. In the data window, click “Eradicate iPhone.” You’ll have to enter your Apple ID secret key.


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