8 Tastiest Places in India to eat Biryani

India is a large country with different religions, caste, and ethnicities. But food is something that unites the country.  No matter what religion you follow or what is your caste, the delicious food cooked in every street of the country is enough to unite the people even from different ethnicities. Biryani is one of the tastiest dishes that can be blended with chicken, mutton, keema, and many other food items evolving different names for it. But, the Mutton Biryani is the delight for every non-vegetarian. Here is the list of some of the best places in India that serves the delicious Biryani.

Lalla’s Biryani

The Biryani cooked in Lucknow is all about the perfect seasoning of rice and the great precision in cooking the meat with perfection. The Lalla’s Biryani food joint at Chowpattian Chowk serves the most delicious Biryani dishes in the country. Lalaji, who is the owner of this food joint, is the major driving force behind the huge success of this flavorsome Biryani centre. Moreover, it will cost no more than 250INR for the meal of two persons.

Wahid’s Biryani

It is located in the Aminabad market area of the Lucknow city. It is the place to indulge you in the authentic flavors of Awadh that sing musically from the tender chunks of the nicely cooked meat sitting amidst seasoned rice. You are offered the complimentary salads, raitas, chutneys, seekh kebabs, and tunday kebabs apart from the delicious Biryanis. You should not miss out eating the Mutton Biryani from here. A meal from here will not cost more than 200INR to two persons.

Hotel Shadab

It is one of most popular and oldest hotels that have been serving the delicious Biryani dishes in Hyderabad dishes to people since long. It is located near Charminar. This restaurant only lacks the ambience, rest everything is perfect. Apart from the Biryani dishes, you can try bheja fry, gurda bhaji, Kheema, shirmal, and paya. The biryani’s quantity is really huge and the pieces of meat served are tender. It may cost up to 850 INR for two people.


It is located at the RTC Cross Roads, opposite to the Sandhya Theatre in Hyderabad. This restaurant offers you the delicious chicken and mutton biryani blended with the Hyderabadi flavors. This restaurant has been inaugurated by the Bollywood superstar Sunil Shetty. It has been in business since 1994. You must taste its special chicken Biryani. A meal for two will cost no more than 600INR.

Lucky’s Restaurant

It is located on the SV road near to Bandra Station. It is the favorite hunting ground for the Biryani lovers. You can miss anything in the world, but being a biryani lover, you should not miss out tasting the Biryani of this place. The mutton and chicken biryanis are blended with luscious flavors. Apart from the Biryanis, bheja masala fry, paya soup, and mutton Afghani can be tried from this restaurant. A meal for two will cost no more than 800INR.


Karim is one of the oldest restaurants in New Delhi that was started by Haji Karimuddin in the year 1913. This restaurant served the Mughlai version of biryani which is loved by people till now. It has been ranked as one of the best Non-Vegetarian restaurants in Asia by the ‘Times Magazine’. The average cost of a meal for two persons is 800INR here.

Dindigul Thalapakatti

The people visiting the city of Chennai should not miss visiting to this Biryani food joint. It was founded by Nagaswa my Naidu in the year 1957 to serve the traditional South Indian biryani having the succulent pieces of meat seasoned with the black pepper instead of the red chilli powder. This recipe was invented by the founder of this restaurant. Moreover, he used a special type of rice available only in South India – Parakkum Sittu or Seeragasamba rice. You must not miss the mutton Biryani of this restaurant. A meal for two will cost no more than 700INR.


The biryani recipe of Nizam’s is the blend of Awadhi and Mughlai styles of cooking giving a perfect blend of spices in the Biryani. The taste of biryani from Kolkata will be remembered by you for long and make you visit this place again. A meal for two will cost no more than 600INR at this place.

The Last Words

These were some of the best places to taste the Biryani in India. These are some of the most popular and oldest Biryani food joints in India, majorly popular for the mutton biryani served here. If you visit any of these places, do not miss out on the chicken and mutton biryani served here. You will remember the taste for long.

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