6 Major Advantages That Have Been Provided By The Indian Railways

We often use locomotives for various purposes that are for our own benefits but have you ever wondered if it has any other benefit? In our country too we have a number of transportation options that is basically divided into 4 categories:

  1. The roadways
  2. The waterways
  3. The airways
  4. The railways

In today’s article we would be discussing about the benefits the rails have not just on the passenger but also on the other aspects in the country:

  1. Growth of markets and new production areas- the railways have made new areas of production accessible. Our country has many raw materials spread across the nation but it could only be well accessed after the introduction of railways to our country by providing knowledge of those new areas.
  2. Growth and market specialisation- the railways have helped the Indian market expand in the size and also helped in transportation. They have helped in transport of bulk goods being carried from a long distance. Even railways are a method to do that but railways have made it much more easier than ever before.
  3. Employment- the Indian railways have been a very important source of employment in our country. In fact it is one of the major employment providing sources in our country providing employment to more than 17 lakhs people in our country. The employees consist of both skilled and unskilled labour.
  4. Benefits to the middle class- our country has a wide population that consists of the middle class. The railways prove to be a great conveyance for them. The government provides them with three tiers which one can chose from according to their own economic ability. Also, other services like Wi-Fi in stations, train food delivery, toilet system, AC etc has been introduced to make the train journeys much comfortable.
  5. Encouragement to tourism- the railways make travelling very comfortable and affordable at the same time. Many tourists come to our country by saving each and every penny to enjoy the beauty of our country. Heavy spending on travelling proves to be a big hindrance in tourism. The rails hence promote the tourists and the tourism culture in our country.
  6. Helpful in accessing those areas that are inaccessible by other transport means- there are certain travel areas where roadways or waterways or even airways d not go. In those places railways have been established that links one place to another. For example the hilly areas can be accessed safely by the railways not roadways or airways.

So, these were some of the basic yet most important railway advantages that our country sees. Apart from these major advantages, it has also helped in development in agriculture, helped in internal trade by linking all remote areas, has provided mobility to labour and capital, has helped eliminate famines and has also been of great social importance by removing old customs and traditions or brought an end to fatalism and orthodoxy. I hope this article helps you understand the Indian railways even better.

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