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5 Unique Places in India You Must Visit

The first thing you should say is that the cities of India did not stand out precisely because of its beauty. There is not a concern the urbanism or aesthetics. The streets are often dirty and no one is in charge of maintaining in the façades of the buildings. Despite this there are cities of India which have a special charm, either because of the color of their homes, the landscape that surrounds them or the lake in which reflect His image.

1.Udaipur, the white city

The white city of Rajasthan has two lakes, one of which reflects the great palace of the city. This beautiful city has in addition to the majestic palace with two other situated on the islands of the Pichola Lake, the largest of Udaipur. White temples, markets full of color, ghats, beautiful hotels and restaurants make this city a comfortable place for travelers since its old town doesn’t have a lot of traffic and to be able to stroll around the city to discover some hidden havelis is one of the biggest incentives in a country where it is common to have to go with a thousand eyes to dodge the traffic.

2.Kochi, colonial charm

This city of Kerala is a haven of peace in a state that is more quiet than the rest of the country. Has a good number of islands and an area on the mainland, and is surrounded by the famous backwaters. The most beautiful area of this city is Fort Cochin where the Dutch houses, its jewish quarter, chinese fishing nets and the quietness of its streets invite the traveler to relax and want to stay there. It has a certain aspect of colonial city with its churches and western-style houses, even their shops are striking with its mix of indian and catholic objects.

3.Bundi, the secret of Rajasthan

Less tourist, is one of those cities of India a little away from the most common by Rajasthan Tours, seems taken from a story with its palace and on a hill under which extends a city with blue houses surrounding a beautiful lake. Have temples and markets full of life. Climb to the top of the fort reward the traveler with a beautiful view of the city and the palace that hides some of the best-preserved paintings of this Indian State. Explore the city of Rajasthan with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train.

4.Mysore, city of maharajas

This is probably one of the most famous western cities of India. Large avenues with care buildings surround the most famous palace in the south of India in which still lives the Maharaja of the city. On a hill close to the city rises his most famous temple and other palace has been converted into a luxury hotel. Until the market follows the western concept of place closed and in its interior all is ordered by inviting to walk along its flower stalls and essences.5. Jaisalmer, the golden city

The golden city has the color of the desert in the stone of its buildings. Majestic and elegant havelis line the streets of this beautiful city that stretches between the Thar Desert and the fort which dominates, which contains in its interior a set of temples and palaces worthy of admiration. The heat accompanies the traveler at all times giving away only a few moments of coolness when dawns and the city returns to look the color of the fine sand of the desert that has so close.


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