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5 reasons why you should switch to lay flat pipes

Lay Flat Hose Pipe for home and industrial use. The lay flat hose pipes are most flexible in the family of hose pipes. Because of their flexibility, these hose pipes do not occupy much space and are very convenient for transportation. During the installation process is straightforward because they are not as bulky as the more rigid pipes.

At home, these pipes are used for agriculture, water discharge and light farm chemicals. In the industrial field, the lay flat pipes are used for water chemical transfer, firefighting, pipe rehabilitation and compressed air.

  • The lay flat hose pipe is unproblematic to use- the pipe connectors are few when compared to the rigid pipes.
  • Fast positioning and retrieval- the process of deployment is very fast as well as the recovery; that is why the firefighting companies prefer these pipes. The process of deployment is estimated to consume 10 to 15 minutes per mile.
  • Dependable- the rate of flow of the fluid being transported is uniform because the inside of the pipe is smooth and uniform.
  • Durable- because lay flat pipes are super flexible, they are often unaffected by a puncture. These pipes have a high resistance to breakage and can support the high pressure of the liquid flowing in them.
  • Leak-proof- the lay flat pipes are made of highly unreactive materials to reduce chances of corrosion by chemicals, they also support 2 to 3 times the pressure of common aluminium pipes.

The water fuel hose pipe is a multipurpose pipe commonly used with the transfer of petroleum products. The pipe is quite resistant to temperature change given that it can work in the range of negative 40 degrees and 125 degrees. Given its resistance, it is ideal for use in industrial companies.

The fuel hose pipes are mostly used for diesel leaded and unleaded petrol injection systems. The lay flat hose air hoses overrule the shortcomings which come with the rigid air pipes. With good quality lay flat air pipes the problems of leaks and technical hitches of the rigid pipes are overruled.

Firstly, the multi-unit mail slots enable the developers or the property managers to save ample on the material as well as labor costs during installation. Hence, these mailboxes, both in terms of design as well as price are considered ideal for residential purposes.

For instance, if there are almost 240 homes, the property managers would have to auger nearly 240 holes and fill them properly with concrete in order to set posts to mount the individual mailbox. This would be a tedious and time-consuming job but for the modern and highly useful multi-unit mailboxes, you will find that one post actually have the capability of holding up to 4 slots and that would need only 60 holes.

Hence, it could be fairly concluded that the usage of the multi-unit mailboxes leads to less material as well as labor installation charges.


The lay flat pipes bring about many advantages because of their flexibility. The profound significance of these pipes are:

  • The storage volume is high because of the ability to withstand high pressure.
  • Transportation is convenient in areas with uneven terrain.
  • The handling and deployment of these pipes are very straightforward.


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