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5 reasons why Canada could be your new home

Moving to a new country to find better prospects has been the latest trend. With Canada’s liberal immigration policy, better quality of life and more diverse opportunities has made Canada a quite popular option. It is indeed a country that is far more welcoming to people hailing from different cultural and religious background. So if you are looking to move to Canada then tune in to find out more.

Immigration policy

Canada is known for not having a rigorous procedure when it comes to its immigration policies, hence it is much easier to qualify. According to a recent survey during the time of world recession, Canada is the only country that has not cut down on its immigration quota.

  • Canada offers a dynamic range of immigration and visa programs for the employed, self-employed and businessmen categories.
  • To qualify for a visa in Canada, one of the most basic requirement is the proof of English proficiency, So if you have plans to immigrate, the best option is to take up IELTS general training exam.

Ample job opportunities in Canada

Over the years there has been a significant rise in employment opportunities that are made readily available to eligible skilled workers who have migrated to Canada. Employment opportunities in Canada are at its all-time high as the country provides numerous job offers to qualified and experienced migrants.

  • As of October 1, 2015, the minimum wage was increased to $10.50.
  • Employees are assured with salary benefits, better working conditions and flexible work life.

Education is important to Canadians

In the recent years, Canada has climbed into the top tier of education rankings.

Canada has slowly become one of the most trending destinations for students looking to gain a degree overseas, and this is mostly because of the top universities providing a world-class education.

  • The University of Toronto, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and the McMaster University, are the most prestigious universities in Canada.
  • Most of these universities and colleges accept IELTS score and students are required to demonstrate that they can complete university-level courses in English.

Free Basic Healthcare

Canada is also famous for the free basic health care it provides to its citizens and permanent residents. The healthcare in Canada is publicly funded.

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents can apply for public health insurance from their province or territory.
  • It ensures you don’t have to pay for most health care services, as general taxation covers the costs, because the health insurance is cheaper, students from all over the world prefer moving to Canada.

Freedom to be you!

According to canadianvisaexpert.com

“In November 2015, the Legatum Global Prosperity Index declared Canada to be the #1 country in the world for personal freedom”.

Canada is a democratic country and allows its citizens to exercise their right to freedom, men and women hailing from different backgrounds can live freely, without fear of government oppression. Which is all the more reason for people to live in Canada.

Safe and secure

“Move to Canada ” was one of the most trending tweets during the presidential election between Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Here are many reasons why people wanted to relocate-

  • It is a known fact that Canada is one of the safest countries on Earth, both concerning its relatively low level of violent crime.
  • Canada is generally very safe for women travellers, which is a cause for celebration.
  • Major cities such as Toronto and Montreal which is home to many immigrants have not reported any major crime issues.
  • Canada is the only country where the reported crime over the years has declined significantly.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, then be assured that you are moving to one of the safest places to work and start a new life altogether.


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