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5 more of the hottest flooring trends to consider

This year has seen lots of exciting new designs in flooring. People looking to redecorate their homes are turning to a range of new flooring options to give a contemporary edge to their home. Explore some more of the hottest flooring trends this year.

Terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a relatively new trend in the UK and combines marble chips with small pieces of glass and granite to create an eclectic mix of textures. This is a colourful option and is highly versatile with greys, blacks, browns and creams giving an interesting appearance that is bang on trend for 2017.

Cork flooring

Similar to bamboo in its eco-friendly nature, cork flooring has become popular with consumers eager to care for the environment. Cork offers a versatile flooring solution at a reasonable price and is a highly practical choice. It looks stylish and modern and also offers warmth that is missing from other surfaces such as granite. Many people opt to forgo a rug when they have cork floors as it is so warm and comfortable to the touch.

Concrete flooring

Concrete is hard wearing and makes a perfect kitchen floor option. Although it takes some time to lay a concrete floor it can be well worth the wait for many people as it is very strong and gives a look that matches well with other colours and textures. This means it is versatile and ideal for people who like to redecorate regularly. Concrete floors are easy to keep clean and make for a firm, durable finish that will last forever.

Grey coloured floors are also highly popular this year and concrete is a good material for this design choice. Another option is to use grey laminate flooring from a company such as http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/ for a contemporary feel.

Matte finish wood floors

Matte flooring is slowly growing in popularity and is set to reach a high next year. Matte finishes allow the natural textures of the wood to stand out and this makes them ideal for people looking for a floor with a strong character.

Patterned tiles

Patterned floors are great for adding strong personality to any room. Patterned tiles have a Mediterranean appearance and can feel quite exotic depending on the pattern chosen. They are also ideal for adding colour to an otherwise monochrome or plain room.


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