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5 Common Eyebrow Mistakes You Should Avoid

Eyebrows are an important feature in a woman’s face as they improve your facial look too. Having too thin eyebrows can overshadow your face. Equally, having thick eyebrows is good in that it improves your look and also, you can shape them as according to your desire. Eyebrows can be shaped to make your face look impressive and bring out your eyes. Today, many people are looking for ways to enhance their facial look; however, it takes dedication to achieve this. The good thing is that you can get the eyebrow serum in many stores that can give you tighter and bold eyebrows. The serum acts as a moisturizer that nourishes your eyebrows and makes them stronger. Using the eyebrow serum regularly for 30 days can make you achieve this.

However, you must ensure to avoid some common eyebrow mistakes if you want to promote the growth of your eyebrows.

1.   Are you over plucking your eyebrows?
If you pluck your eyebrows too much to the extent of leaving a thin line of hairs hampers your brows from shaping your face appropriately and prevents them from enhancing a beautiful looking face especially when you use a definer such as a pencil or powder. To avoid this, you need to leave those tweezers and avoid using your bathroom mirror. Fix this issue by allowing your eyebrows grow out.

2. Are you making your eyebrows look identical?
If you are doing this, you should stop. Trying to make your eyebrows look identical is not advisable. Remember that your eyebrows are not supposed to be identical. To fix this issue, you should ensure to leave your eyebrows to grow for a while. Once they have fully grown, you can now shape them so that the length, angle, and thickness are almost looking the same. However, you should not overdo it.

3. Are you forcing your eyebrows to look the same as your hair color?
Stop! If you think you have to fill in your eyebrows with the same color as your natural hairs, you are wrong. In fact, this is a problem with people who like dying their hair. When you bleach your hair, don’t think that you can bleach your eyebrows too. Eyebrow and hair shadows don’t have to be the same color to look impressive.

4. If you are plucking, waxing or threading your brows during your monthly period, you should stop it
When women are in their monthly period, they tend to be more sensitive, so it is advisable to stop grooming until this period elapses as in order to avoid extra-painful hair elimination period.

5. Tweezing before you take bath
If you are going to take a hot shower, you should put it in mind that the hot water can make your hair follicles become loose which might cause the removal of a few eyebrow hairs. For people who have dense brows that are stronger, this might not affect them. However, you should pluck when taking a hot shower.


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