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5 Best Wedding Photographers in Bhopal

Bhopal, the ‘City of Lakes,’ is one of the greenest cities in India. No one can tell that the city had once struggled from the disastrous gas leakage from the pesticide manufacturing plant of Union Carbide. Today’s Bhopal has left its gloomy past far behind to embrace all the glory and contentment that a bustling city deserves.Bhopal is also known for the unique brotherhood between its Hindu and Muslim population. Followers of both the faiths come together to celebrate every occasion – be it religious or social. Hence, weddings in the city are also celebrated with great gusto with a large number of attendees adorning the occasion. To capture all the grandeur of a wedding here, one must hire the right photographer who can translate all the festivities into beautiful memories.

Here is a list of top candid wedding photographers in Bhopal who can arrest the true ‘Bhopali’ essence on films:

Candid Click: Photography has always been the favorite hobby for Aqueel Khan who was practicing the craft for 10 years before taking it up as his profession. With Engineering and MBA degrees under his belt, Khan left his senior manager profile at Reliance Group to follow his heart. Candid photography is his forte and he loves to capture emotions prevalent at weddings. His work fetched him the winning prize at ‘Dainik Bhaskar Photo Mania’ contest in 2016. As per his own words, he creates stories out of the images he captures.

DG Pixx: Divya Gupta is another candid photographer in Bhopal who has left her career in management to pursue her love for photography. An MBA by education, Divya owns a huge collection of latest photographic equipment. However, she stresses that one needs to have an eye for precision to capture great images; equipment can just ease the process.

Art of Creative Films: This company was formed by a group of filmmakers with Manish Vishkarma as its Director.  The team has been in the industry for 10 years now and is a renowned name is wedding photography and videography. They vow to capture every magical moment of their clients and deliver them with unmatched quality.

Amols Professional Photography Services (Artemisia): Amol Kumar has been pursuing his photography career for more than a decade now. He captures amazing images with his Canon and Sony cameras and creates wonderful stories on the editing table at his Raisen Road studio.  He considers photography to be an art form through which one can express one’s creativity to the fullest.

Pixel Photo Studio: The enthusiastic team at Pixel Photo Studio sees the world in frames. The images that they capture are an extension of what they see, feel and perceive. For them, every single day in the life of a human being is beautiful and worth treasuring. They love to capture uninhibited emotions which are genuine and spontaneous. They always strive to find the unique traits of their subjects which make them what they are. The team enjoys weddings of different cultures which makes them the preferred candid wedding photographers in Bhopal.


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