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4 Tips for Creating a Successful Pitch Video

Tips For Successful Pitch Video

A pitch video is a short verbal and at times visual presentation of an idea for a movie or a television series which is generally developed by a screenwriter or a film director to a film producer or any executive of a studio for gaining the business for the payment for the writing of a screenplay. It is used in various different stages of production which includes casting and distribution.

It also persuades the producers of the film for financing the project further. For the manufacture of a production package which includes the basic information like synopsis and values of a budget, the filmmakers make a pitch which has to be given out to each and every interested investor. They can also make a free trailer of the pitch which will be a part of the package. This is used to help the investors visualize the project from the viewpoint of the makers of the film.

Pitches are generally based on a full script but productions which are animated for film and television are generally based on storyboards only. Pitches which are used for television purposes can be made by the production company itself.

Some production houses pitch the idea of the inclusion of a character for the sole purpose of increasing the ratings of it. Some networks have a habit of trying to force their ideas on the producers of the series by the usage of pitches in a business-oriented fashion and the irony is that such ideas are at times not supported by the scriptwriters and the audience as well.

video pitch is drafted in a professional manner can magically increase the chances of procuring money from the investors. A person must learn the best way to pitch if he or she really requires good investors. They can learn by viewing the pitch videos of other companies who have fair well in their businesses.

Here, we provide some useful tips for the production of a successful video pitch. They are as follows:

  • Kickstarter Videos- It is a tough job to find out the best pitch video as they are not published for the issues of copyright. It is recommended to start the crowdfunding campaign like Kickstarter which helps to check out the best pitch video in order to learn the way of pitching. In this way, you can sum up your own structure on the basis of your learning and capability.
  • Double minute power- Try to fix your pitch in a two-minute video for avoiding the loss investors of because time is money for them.
  • Fix a value- Make the effect of your idea a valued one restricting it to a single sentence because a single effective sentence can make a strong impact on the investors.
  • Benefits in Bold- Make your product as attractive as you can because the first impression is the final impression you can ever make on the minds of the investor.


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