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4 reasons why you should bet on IVF with ED!

In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation is an universal method of infertility treatment. For those couples struggling with problems with procreation, especially with female factor, this method of assisted reproduction is the best choice. Here is why you should definitely consider undergoing the procedure and why it can be so beneficial to you.

1.It applies to most cases of infertility

Infertility is a complex issue with multifactorial origin. Especially the impaired capacity to get pregnant when it comes to female partners it can be a result of many different medical conditions. Some of them can permanently indispose a woman to become a mother or are highly difficult to overcome. For cases like advanced age or problems with absent or rare ovulation, or poor quality of eggs resulting from genetic disorders or impaired ovarian reserve and other abnormalities, they all can be treated with IVF with egg donation. Using donor egg allows to bypass virtually any problem with ovulation, cells quality or genetic predisposition to passing down disorders.

2.High success rates

There are very high chances for prospective parents to account for a successful treatment. The cells used for the procedure are genetically healthy, come from young and fit donors and that is why most factors that could lower the possibilities for fertilization are eliminated. As for any method of infertility treatment it does not guarantee any outcome while it is a complex process, however the use of proper genetic material multiplies the odds for healthy pregnancy. Also the verification and possible preimplantation genetic diagnosis increase significantly the potential for a successful pregnancy and delivery. We don’t even think about the fact that predicted efficacy of procedure of In Vitro Fertilization in more serious cases such as diminished ovarian reserve or stated poor quality of cells is not at high level – even doctors do not estimate high probability of pregnancy – which means that use of donor egg will automatically increase the chance for success. Egg donation is a factor that increases the success rates to 50% in every case of women of any childbearing age.

3.High safety of the procedure

All the specialised clinics that deal with infertility treatment always have to ensure the high standards of care and procedures both for couples undergoing the treatment as well as for the donors who make a gift of their cells. Patients can be certain of the good quality of cells and their health – all the donors are verified and undergo thorough testing. All the possible disorders, infections or risks of health problems (based on medical history of candidates to be donors and their families) are ruled out as well as any mental or social issues. The whole process is legally taken care of, the patients do not need to worry of any disagreements regarding parental rights etc. Also, from the medical point of view, the procedure safety in the part of collecting eggs and the In Vitro Fertilization itself are ensured and based on international and national standards.

4.Great donor selection

For those who consider egg donation the scope of choice is usually quite vast. They can pick the potential donor based on their preferences in terms of donor’s phenotypical features (the looks, the race or hair colour) as well as with regard for the education level or other characteristics. They have at their disposal databases of potential donors that consist of all the necessary information on the background and features of a donor-to-be. Therefore the partners can choose from the range of women having in mind what they would want their child to be like and they can make a decision accordingly. For more information on In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation and database of clinics offering the treatment visit https://www.eggdonationfriends.com/.


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