3 ways Human Appeal is helping less fortunate children around the globe

Sadly, millions of children around the world are suffering as a result of conflict, natural disaster and political upheaval. From chronic malnourishment to a lack of access to basic shelter and healthcare, youngsters can face a whole range of potentially life-threatening problems.

One organisation that is working towards putting an end to such suffering is Greater Manchester-based charity Human Appeal. The aid and development non-profit, which was formerly known as Human Appeal International, is involved in a range of projects to help less fortunate children across the globe. Here are just a few of the ways it is making a difference to those who need it most.

1. Supporting orphans

Through its initiative Little Human Appeal, the charity is supporting thousands of orphans in countries including Lebanon, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Macedonia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Tunisia and Palestine. Human Appeal does this by facilitating one-to-one sponsorship, giving donors the opportunity to help transform the lives of individual children by making regular financial contributions. It notes that as little as 83p a day, or £25 a month, can help youngsters to access food, medicine and clothing. It can also help ensure they receive an education, improving their life prospects.

2.Running orphanages and welfare centres

As well as encouraging people to sponsor individual children, Human Appeal is running orphanages and care centres that provide shelter and protection for groups of vulnerable youngsters who have lost their families. For example, it founded the Jerusalem Orphan Welfare Centre, which is offering a brighter, safer and more secure future to thousands of kids. The building, which was the first of its kind in Jerusalem, includes accommodation for 60 children, a school for 200 pupils and a welfare centre that provides a range of activities and services that benefit 6,000 youngsters and their guardians.

Another of its orphanages is based in Turkey and offers accommodation and psychological support to Syrian children who have been forced to flee their home country because of the ongoing civil war.

3.Giving vulnerable youngsters access to education

Human Appeal is also working in Syria, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, Myanmar, Jordan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Yemen, Pakistan and Palestine to help ensure children in these countries have access to education. It is doing this in a range of ways, for example by providing back to school kits, refurbishing classrooms and offering psychological support to traumatised youngsters.

Describing the situation in Syria, Human Appeal notes that nearly three million children are being denied access to education and are traumatised by the violence they have endured or witnessed. Many schools across the country are no longer used for education because they are now occupied by displaced families or armed forces, or they have been destroyed or damaged in the violence. Meanwhile, many Syrian refugees are not able to attend school because the countries hosting them lack the resources needed to educate them.

By equipping schools and students with the supplies they need, improving classrooms and offering counselling, the charity is helping more children in Syria and elsewhere to get the educations they need.

To find out more about how the organisation is helping youngsters around the world, or to get information on upcoming Human Appeal events, you can visit its website.

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