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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Italian Wine Tour

An Italian wine tour can be the best way for you to experience any province in Italy. Wine is a very prominent part of any Italian family’s culture, and you would surely feel more like a local when you get to know Italy’s best wines. However, not all Italian wine tour packages are designed to make your first experience memorable. Some just presume that you have already been to a wine tasting before so you know what to do. Below are three great tips to help ensure that you have at fantastic Italian wine tour experience.

First, do not wear heavy cologne or perfume and dress appropriately. What you smell can strongly affect what you taste, so as a favor to yourself and your company, during your Italian wine tour, you should be polite and refrain from wearing strong colognes or perfumes. It would be ideal if you can attend the wine tasting without wearing any fragrance at all.

Also, most wine tours might include long walking tours to the winery, so you should wear sturdy and comfortable shoes and perhaps light clothing (depending on the time of the year). However, if the tour is a bit on the formal side, it would not hurt to dress nicely, but appropriately for the weather.

Second, pace yourself and build your trip so you do more than just drink. Those who are having Italian wine tours for the first time mistakenly crowd their day with more wineries than their alcohol threshold could allow.

If you are going on a wine tour, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you are pacing yourself correctly. Limit the wineries to two or three at a time because each winery will have plenty of wine to offer. You should avoid getting drunk, of course, so be sure to utilize spittoons offered in bars or tasting rooms. Having a long lunch break in between wineries is also optimal. If you can’t hold your alcohol well, it is recommended that you attend with a friend who you trust and can help you if you risk having more wine than you can handle.

Third, choosing small, intimate groups and tasting venues are optimal. As mentioned above, the surroundings and the aroma of your surroundings will set the tone of the wine you are tasting. It is not ideal for you to choose an Italian wine tour package that puts you in a roomful of strangers who like to create a lot of noise. You must try to stick to wine tours that include only a handful of other people.

Ideally, the wine tasting area should also be quiet and romantic and, if you have a choice, not attached to a restaurant. If you smell food cooking from the other room, this can distract your senses from the full appreciation of the wine you are tasting. Choose wine tours that cater to true wine aficionados, even if you are having your first wine tasting experience. Some wine tour packages are more expensive than others for a very good reason. Look into the wine tour details before signing up to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

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