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3 cool tips to correct your jewellery fashion sense

Jewellery is always expensive. It still is considered the most high-end fashion segment of all. In modern times, people are competitive when it comes about the jewellery. They simply have the perception that expending huge bucks in this regard and wearing too much of the ornaments would make them look attractive.

Such people look funny on some occasions. Hence, priority should always be on correcting the sense of fashion, rather than making it costly. The same rule is applied to the jewellery as well. Given below are three jewellery fashion tips to correct the fashion sense in the most incredible fashion.

Size of the chains

This is one aspect where most people make mistakes. One needs to understand that simply wearing a long chain is not going to make them look regal or distinguishing in comparison to others. Rather, the size of the ornament would matter the most. The wearable can define chain size.

For example, when it comes about the formal wears, it’s a foolish idea to wear unnecessarily long jewellery or long chains simply. Keeping it moderately long would be the best recommendation. Similarly, longer size chains are preferable for the traditional wears like gowns or sarees. In short, the correct size of the ornaments plays a key role in giving a perfect look.

Size of the hoops

Just like the size of the chains, the size of the hoops also does matter in correcting the overall fashion sense. It is indeed true that the large  sized hoops earrings  are trending in modern times. It is also true that these big hoop concepts work well for the casual as well as traditional wearable, but, this can’t be taken as a formula. For example, you can’t wear the large hoops with the blazers or funky jeans and tees of some kind. Hence, one needs to check the cloth pattern first before deciding on the type of hoop to go with.

The right sense of earring stud

This is another aspect where most people make a mistake. Earring studs have to vary from one form of wearable to the other. One can’t take the large size studs  earrings with too much of articulacy to cool contemporary wear. Similarly, the stud patterns for the traditional gown also are different. In short, one must possess the right sense of these ornaments to don the look with perfection without exaggerating too much.


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