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3 Best Cakes for Your 5 Year Old Daughter’s Birthday Party

Looking for the best cakes for your daughter’s 5th birthday party but are spoiled for choices? Wondering which cake will be best suited for 5 year old kids and adults both? You don’t have to worry anymore! Here are some of the best options for cakes for your daughter’s 5th birthday party –

Classic chocolate cake
Kids love chocolates and chocolate cakes are a double favorite item amongst kids! You can never really go wrong with chocolate cake on a birthday for 5 year old kids. The best option in chocolate cakes is the classic chocolate cake made of layers of soft chocolate sponge cake stuck together with milk chocolate butter cream. The cake can also have a nice salted caramel twist to it which the kids and adults will love! You can order this cake at your local bakery as well as place an order for online cake delivery in Sikar or anywhere across India with minimal delivery rates. You can also order these in the form of cupcakes or pastries which are easy to serve and less messy to eat and clean up after!

Strawberry cake
The pink colored cake with airy and soft whipped cream makes it the perfect eye candy for a birthday cake! This is especially perfect for a girl’s birthday cake because it has that fairy tale and barbie pink color to it! You can also add fresh strawberries for decoration on the cake to add that extra level of strawberry punch to it! Strawberry cakes that are made from fresh strawberry syrup taste better than the ones made from artificial flavors. It is best to discuss this before hand with your baker to ensure that the cake is made to perfection. Another point to note is to check with your daughter’s friends and families if anyone is allergic to berries. This way, you can prevent a huge incident from occurring simply by switching to another cake for the birthday!

Rainbow cake
This cake has recently become extremely famous at kid parties mainly because of its beautiful rainbow colors not just on the outside but also on the inside! This cake is made of seven different layers each with a different color and taste to it. These are stuck together with fluffy whipped cream and finished off with a thick vanilla butter cream. This cake is extremely soft, sponge like and easy to digest without being too heavy on the stomach. The overall taste of this cake is very tutti-frutti with a hint of vanilla making it the perfect cake for kids! Adults love this cake too because the flavors are so unique and balanced and not chocolatey at all! You can easily order this on any bakery website that does online cake delivery in Sikar or anywhere across India.

As an added suggestion for the birthday cake, try to opt for cupcakes, pastries and cake in containers because these are easy to serve, easy to eat and less messy to clean up after too!


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