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10 Quick Tips about Harvester Parts

For every farmer, the entire harvesting system including the various harvester parts is very important. The various parts help in reaping, thrashing, winnowing etc. The various harvester parts help making the task at hand easier and can be attached and detached in different combinations depending on the crop that needs to be harvested. For example combine harvester parts helps in harvesting wheat, oats, barley etc and reduce the labour costs.

Harvester parts include components like harvester fingers, harvester blades, harrow axle, crop lifter etc. Harvester parts are easily available online and in rock and mortar shops but before you decide to buy a product here are 10 quick tips for buying and maintaining harvester parts-

  1. Checking hazards- To make sure that the harvester parts provide you quality grain and work efficiently it is important to take care of them. Make sure that the combine harvester parts are not exposed to withering conditions. Keep them safe from harsh climatic conditions, unsafe jacking etc. If the harvester parts are repeatedly exposed to such hazardous condition the output and yield will get affected.
  2. Regular inspection – Do not delay repairs and make a b=habit of daily inspections. A lot of combine harvester parts and international harvester parts fail due to negligence in maintenance. Such equipment failure can be easily prevented through regular inspection.
  3. Attaching and detaching – The lock and fit mechanism in combine harvester parts needs to be checked before taking the system on the field. Make sure that everything is locked and in place to prevent any mishaps.
  4. Read the safety manual carefully – All the international harvester tractor parts come with safety manuals on how to operate and maintain the international harvester parts for best results. Make sure that you read the instruction manual carefully before taking the parts out of the field.
  5. Keep the children away – It is very important to understand that such heavy machinery and complex components must be kept out of reach of children to prevent any mishaps. Make sure that when not in use, the international harvester tractor parts are not left unattended.
  6. Know the company – Before investing in any kind of harvester part, be it a combine harvester part or international tractor harvester part, make sure you learn and know about the brand. A quality product is very important to get good yield!
  7. Do your research – Do your research about which parts work best for you and last long. It is an investment which when taken care of properly will last a long time.
  8. Adjust to field conditions –Scout the field before putting the parts into actions. Account for the harvesting conditions, the weeds and the grain at hand and then make the adjustments required. This pre scouting helps in achieving the best possible combination to get the maximum grain and optimum grain quality.
  9. Clean before storing – Along with regular inspection of the combine harvester parts it is also very important to make sure and clean the international harvester parts before storing them for long or short term.
  10. Check grain quality – Make regular inspection of our grain quality to understand if your machinery is working fine or needs some repairs.


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